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3C Media Solutions Connect

CCC Confer and 3C Media Solutions are in partnership to automatically convert

your CCC Confer archives to videos (MP4).

Students have always been able to attend your live CCC Confer classes using their smart phones and tablets. Now they can watch your recorded lectures on their mobile devices when you have a 3CMedia account.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Sign up for a 3C Media account today using your CCC Confer login and password.
  2. Record your next CCC Confer Teach & Confer or Webinar.
  3. Your CCC Confer archive will still post to the CCC Confer website the same day.
  4. Your video (MP4) will be uploaded into your 3C Media account within two days.


3C Media is a FREE video repository for the California Community Colleges system, open 24/7 and easily accessible.

Visit the 3CMedia website for Support, FAQs, and videos, or sign up for training.